Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer

Explore and compare keywords term through Google Trends data

Find out what customers are looking for and what their intent is online. Select country, date, category, search type and compare keywords.


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What is the Keyword Explorer tool?

Keyword Explorer provide information and visual comparison of traffic levels about keywords term trought Google Trends.

Keyword Explorer can be used to discover event-triggered spikes in keyword search volume and for comparative keyword research. This tool provides keyword-related data including search volume index and geographical information about search engine users.

Keywords data comes from Google Trends data and are an unbiased sample of Google search data.

Only a percentage of searches are used to compile Trends data.

Keyword Explorer display the data of popular searched terms from Google Trends and award them a score from 0 to 100 which is the ratio of single search term volume to all possible searches.

The meaning of score and numbers differs when we look at the results by interest over time or regional interes.

It does not tell you the exact amount of traffic. But it does show a relative amount. This is especially helpful if you know the amount of traffic from a related keyword phrase.

How you can use it for SEO optimization?

If you want to unlock the traffic data of a keyword, compare that keyword with a keyword you already rank for and are familiar with the traffic levels.

There are two ways to look at the keyword data, stretched across over a long period of time and a short period of time.

The long view helps you make decisions about future directions. The long view helps you understand where to put the focus for content. If a product is trending downward, then maybe it’s time to think about shifting content resources to another topic or product or even change the content model altogether.

Viewing keyword trends in the short view, such as the 90 day or even 30 day view can reveal valuable insights for maximizing your content marketing.

For example, two of the top trending keyword trends are "How To" and and "Near Me" searches. When you scale down to the 90 day view you can see what days of the weeks those searches are popular.

Keyword Explorer has the capability to narrow down your keywords according to Google Trends categories in order to give more accurate data on your keywords.

Keyword Explorer provides keyword information by geographic location. This information can be used for determining what areas are the best to outreach to or for tailoring the content to specific regions. Geographic information can also be used to enhance your content so that it is relevant to the most people.

Related queries and rising queries: the ability to gain insight into keyword phrases that are rising is quite possibly the most useful feature provided by Google. All you do is type in a keyword phrase and this section will give you twenty five related search queries that are trending upwards.

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