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Perché un elemento html deve avere un valore valido per l'attributo lang?


Why should an html element have a valid value for its lang attribute?

Screen readers support a large number of languages, for each of which they have a library of sounds that allow the words to be pronounced correctly. If a web page indicates which language content should be read, screen readers are able to switch between the various libraries.

A valid BCP 47 language for the <html> element must be indicated in order to be sure that the page's content pronunciation is correct.


How the SeoChecker invalid <html> lang value audit is displayed

If the <html> element of a page has no valid value for the lang attribute, SeoChecker will notify it:

How can I solve an invalid HTML lang attribute?

It's important to adopt a valid language code for the <html> element's lang attribute.

For instance:

<html lang=”en”>

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