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Come gestire grandi carichi di rete

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How to handle large network payloads

Always consider working to reduce large network payloads, due to the fact that they lead to long load times and consume a lot of data.


How the SeoChecker network payload audit is displayed 

Resources requested by the page are displayed in KiB (kibibytes) by SeoChecker in a table like the one below:

total byte


SeoChecker notifies pages with a total network request that is more than 5000 KiB: this size is based on the median network payload (according to HTTP Archive data), that is between 1700 and 1900 KiB.


How can I reduce payload size?

Your goal is to not exceed 1600 KiB as total byte size, because this amount of data can be downloaded in a Time to Interactive of 10 seconds with a 3G connection.

Therefore, have a look at these tips:

  • if a request is not needed, just delay it;
  • keep the requests small, optimizing them;
  • help the page caching requests in order to not let it download them every time.

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