QR Code generator

QR Code generator

Create your custom QR Code

Choose your data and create your custom QR Code. Specify format, size, margins, charset, colors and more of your custom QR Code.

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Fill in the form

Data *

type the text to store within the QR code


the size of the QR code image in px


the encoded charset of data

Error correction (ECC)

the degree of data redundancy


the degree of data redundancy


thickness of a margin in pixels

Quiet zone

margin around the Qr Code


color of the data modules

Background color

color of the background

QR Code: what is it and how does it work?

"QR Code” stands for Quick Response Code and is a code containing text. It appears in the form of a square made up of black and white squares arranged differently depending on the content.

In contrast to a barcode, a QR code does not only consist of a sequence of numbers and letters, but also of often complex sequences of information.

The convenience of the QR code lies in the fact that it can be conveniently deciphered using the camera on your smartphone and that you can immediately view and download the information it contains: documents, links, telephone contacts, etc.

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