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SEO Checker online

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SEO Checker: Seo audit and web tools for modern developers
Find out more about the performance of your website
Explore our SEO Audit

Explore our SEO Audit

Find out more about the performance of your website with the most comprehensive OnPage SEO tool.

Check SEO performance and page checkup. Over 300 parameters for the deeper page analysis.

The most important OnPage SEO factors, headings, coherence and content performance, web page speed performance on desktop and mobile devices, Progressive Web App (PWA) analysis, social audit, accessibility best practice, security and diagnostic audit.

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Free tools, generators, builders and validators to improve your SEO
Use over 50 Web Tools

Use over 50 Web Tools

Free tools, generators, builders and validators to improve your SEO and web site performances.

Over 50 free tools designed to analyze, evaluate, improve and build better websites.

Builders and generators, compressor tools, tester and validators, tracking script, image tools, social tools, content and converters and many more.

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Resources and guides

Resources and guides

A fully collection of guides to provide you with the best to SEO and web performance

Updates, news and stories for developers, guides, tips and information to build better web performances

Learn about Accessibility, Progressive Web App (PWA), Security performance, Seo content, Seo main factors, social sharing and speed performance best practices.

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About us

Seo Checker is a software developed by the Italian web agency dunp:

The project was initially created for internal use in 2016 and has seen a progressive improvement over time, until it was opened to the public in 2019 under the name "dunplab".

Following the high number of visitors and users of the tools, we decided to give an identity to the software and make it more usable on the market: hence the idea of Seo Checker, the service able to give you the most technical SEO information about your website pages.

Today, Seo Checker has over 120,000 unique users a year from all over the world and it is used by more than 293 companies

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Seo Checker: go deeper!
Seo Checker: go deeper into the depth of web analisys!
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